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It seems that in my life, this equation holds true:

xF = xE

In which:

x = Amount of
F = Fear I experience before doing a new activity
E = Enjoyment I experience while I do this new activity

Basically, it means that the greater amount of fear I experience before I do something new, then the greater amount of enjoyment I actually experience from this new activity.

I don’t just mean enjoyment that comes from purely overcoming a fear – though that’s a small part of it.  But rather enjoyment that comes purely from undertaking this new activity – an activity that brings so much goodness into my life and is so good for me.

I tested this hypothesis recently with my trip to Austin.  I experienced a lot of fear before my trip since it would be my very first time couch-surfing.  However, once I arrived in Austin, I had a truly mind-expanding amazing enjoyable time – and in a way, it was equal or greater than the amount of fear I experienced before the trip.

Does this equation hold true in your life too?

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