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Inner Steel TechniqueMy friend, Erin-Ashley Kerti from Spiritual Mechanic, recently released a tool to help people overcome their anxiety concerning their goals so that they can become much more confident as they pursue their goals.    This tool, she wrote, would help people release their anxiety around their goals in only 10 minutes a day.  She called it “Inner Steel” (I found out after I wrote the draft of this review that the name had been changed to “Sensitive SOUL-ution.”)

I was intrigued.  I already have tools that can help me with such thoughts and feelings.  However, they do take time to implement.

I decided to try out her technique.  She sent me a 15 page PDF description of the technique.

I reviewed the PDF, and I have to say first, it’s is very well laid out, with pictures illustrating the technique.

The technique

It has three steps.

1)  Pick from one of 5 specific Pose – a power pose that puts your body into a very resourceful state.
2)  Think about your goals, and if it comes up, allow yourself to think about the negative/disempowering thoughts concerning your goals.
3)  Breath meditatively.

Do this twice a day, each time just 5 minutes (you set a timer to time yourself).

My experience

After my very first session of 5 minutes, I immediately felt the benefits!  I was working on a goal that brings up a lot of anxiety.  This goal is important to me, but it’d be challenging to work on it with all of this anxiety coming up.  I therefore focused my first session of Inner Steel on this goal.  After the first 5 minute session, I could immediately see that my anxiety surrounding this goal being noticeably reduced!  When I immediately afterward went to work on my goal, it was more enjoyable.

After a week of practicing this technique, 10 minutes a day, I felt so much less anxiety around my goal – and it became a lot more exciting and fun to work on it.   Because of that, I spent a lot more time working on my goal than I previously would – a win for me!  After a few weeks, I made more measurable progress toward the achievement of my goal than I had in the preceding 6 months.

My conclusion is that this is really an elegant, beautiful and remarkable technique to use.  The irony (using Alanis Morisette’s definition of the word 😉 ) is that I already knew of each of the three separate techniques that together makes up Inner Steel/Sensitive SOUL-ution.  Each are amazing in itself.

Review of each steps of the technique

1)  Power pose.  I had known for a long time how positioning your body in different positions allows you to access feelings and emotions you may not be currently experiencing.  I used to purposely put myself in a very confident and ready physical state before giving a speech, as that helped me combat my tremendous fears.  I did eventually (at least, consciously) stopped doing that when it comes to giving speeches as I moved on to a different method to overcome my public speaking fears.  Nevertherless, I was quite familiar with the benefit of using your body in the ways that Erin-Ashley Kerti suggested for Inner Steel.

2)  Allowing negative thoughts to come up as you think about you goal.   This is a part of a technique that I learned about almost two years ago when I read the book “The Happiness Trap”.  It’s said that it comes from an eastern philosophy of examining your thoughts without judgement.   Basically, you allow your negative thoughts to come up without any judgement and any justification.  Doing so allows them to come up and then be released.

When I applied this technique as part of a wider technique called “Defusion”, it helped me tremendously in releasing negative emotions and negative thoughts.  As a result, I was eventually able to overcome emotional eating.  Very powerful technique, especially in contrast to the cultural norm of trying to bury and ignore our negative thoughts which in turns leads to so many problems.  The opposite, of justifying and judging our negative thoughts also leads to even more problems.

3)  Breath meditatively.  Breathing meditatively puts your body in a relaxing calm states, which allows you to access resources that you can’t access when you’re in an anxious, shallow-breathing state.  I’ve used this kind of breathing frequently when I do meditation.

The genius idea that Erin-Ashley Kerti had was in combining three separate technique into one overall technique!  It makes what I do in technique #2 be done so much faster and more efficiently when I combined it with #1 and #3 as part of Inner Steel!  Makes me wish I had been the one to come up with it – since I was aware of each of these three separate techniques.  🙂  However, I’m glad she came up with it as she’s doing a good job of publicizing and spreading awareness of this powerful technique.

So, that’s the positive aspect of my review on this tool/product.  What are the downside to it?  From what I can tell, it’s not something you can do just once and never have to do again.  Doing it once does have some benefits – I felt it right away.  However, to get the full benefit of this technique, it’s important to do it daily.   I did skip a day here and there early on, so I know you can still skip a day and get its benefit.  It’s like taking a shower, you might skip taking a shower one day on the weekend, and that’s ok.  Just don’t miss too many days in a row.  😉

On the other hand – it only takes 10 minutes a day, so it only takes a small tiny fraction of your day.

How to try it out

When I prepared to write about her technique, I emailed her to ask if she was going to eventually charge for it.  I had received a copy while she was still doing research on it.  I think she would have been totally reasonable to charge $15 or more for this tool.  Inner Steel/Sensitive SOUL-ution is such an incredibly powerful goal achievement tool.   Despite only using it for about 4 weeks or so, I can see how incredibly valuable its lifetime value is.  Furthermore, Erin-Ashley has spent a lot of time researching it, conducting one on one research with over 100 people and then taking a lot of time to create the PDF and publicize it.  Thus, it would be reasonable for her to charge for the time and effort she’s put into it.

However, she wrote back to me “It’s going to be free because I feel it’s too important for money or laziness (it takes EFFORT to whip out that credit card) to be a barrier to experiencing it.”.

So, if you have a strong desire to make progress on your goals, but you’re feeling a lot of anxiety whenever you work on your goal, then try out this free tool.  Make sure you get the PDF from Erin-Ashley’s website so you can follow its instruction precisely.  I suggest just trying it out 10 minutes a day every day for 2 weeks.  See if it makes a significant difference in how your life and in your goals.  I think you’ll be pleased.

You can get the one I got, which is called “Inner Steel” here.

If you prefer the new name (“Sensitive SOUL-ution”), and want the newer edition of the PDF, you can get it here.


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