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Here are two ineffective ways to engage in personal development:

1)  Trying to go for the quick fix leads to failure.  Personal development takes a lot of effort and time to do well.  Now there are some powerful tools, such as NLP, and others that allow big changes in a small amount of time.  However, it still takes deep reflective times to direct such changes.  Sometimes it may take 6 months to get to the time and space where a 10 minute tool can make a huge change in our life.

2)  Personal Growth is not about fixing yourself – that’s one of the worst ways to go with it.  When we decide we are broken and we need to be fixed, then we’ll always feel broken.  We may change some outer stuff, but the inner stuff won’t change.

We need to fully accept ourselves, as this article by Steve Pavlina explains beautifully.  We accept how we are with all of our flaws.  Then we simply decide to seek to grow as a human being.  We may decide to fix part of our life that isn’t working, and that’s terrific.  However, who we are as a person is not flawed, or broken.  Start from that basis and you’ll get better results.

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