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I love Spinach Salads!

Spinach, along with other greens makes me feel so much better physically when I eat it regularly.  I like to eat as natural a salad as possible so I can get the most benefit possible.  I don’t like to uses these heavily processed salad dressings on my salad.  What’s the point of eating healthy salads if you’re going to add such a heavily processed item?

However, when I just tried to eat salads without salad dressings, it was at first too dry and icky.  I have found though that by including a natural ingredient in the salad that has juices or liquid in it, then it spills over and creates a salad that is “wet” in taste and very delicious.

So, I wrote this guide to help you come up with delicious spinach salads without having to use any of those market salad dressings.  The main thing you’ll need is to make sure you include an ingredient that provides“wetness” to the salad:

First, you have Ingredients that comes with juices that you can place on the salad.  Some that I use are:

  • Olives and the olive oil/juices that the olives come with.
  • Normal Tomatoes over the salad that when cut provide a lot of tomato fresh juice.
  • Anchovies with its anchovies juice

A second option is to instead use Ingredients that are packed with juice within itself.   Those juices only come out when you chew the salad, so you make sure that with each mouthful of spinach you put in your mouth, you also include some of these ingredients.  The salad will thus achieve its delicious “wetness” once you chew on it.  Some that I use are:

  • Tangerines/Mandarin
  • Raspberries and Blueberries
  • Small tomatoes

Now, here are some combinations that I have put together, along with pictures.  I like to name my “recipes”, but feel free to use your own names.  😉

I called my first salad the “Stephan Spinach Salad”   It has spinach, dried cranberries, a few tangerines, and a lot of olive and olive juice from the olives along with a number of small tomatoes.  Thus, it relies on its “wetness”mainly on olives, and olive juice along with the tomatoes while the tangerine simply supplement that.  When I used to eat dairy products, I would also add blue cheese to make it more delicious.  In this picture, I also added raspberries.

Stephan Salad

The second salad I created is a “Joy Salad“.  It is currently my favorite.  It has spinach, dried cranberries, and a few raspberries and a lot of tangerine.  The abundance of tangerine is what this salad relies on for its “wetness” and thus it taste and feels different from the “Stephan Salad”.

Joy Salad

I also created what I call an “Alyssa Salad”.   The Alyssa Salad has the same ingredients as a Joy Salad, except it replaces the tangerine with anchovies.  I don’t have a picture of that salad, however, one neat thing about salads is that you can combine them!  So, sometimes I combine the “Joy Salad” and the “Alyssa Salad” and create a “Joy and Alyssa Salad“!  Here is a picture of this delicious salad.

Joy and Alyssa Salad

I hope this has given you some ideas of what you can do with your own delicious and healthy salads.  🙂

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